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Facilities Manager

Job Description - 04/01/21

I. Overview of position

The Facilities Manager reports directly to the lead pastor. This role impacts each and every person who enters and utilizes the facilities of Grace Church and GCS. Most visitors will form an opinion of Grace Church and GCS based on the cleanliness and functionality of our facilities. As with all the positions here at Grace Church this one must be executed with grace and patience, as it is one of service to the members and friends of Grace Church and GCS, and ultimately the Lord Jesus Christ.

II. Manage building, grounds, and housekeeping needs.

  1. Manage the facility calendar and space logistics.
  2. Assure that church and school buildings and grounds are safe, secure and habitable at all times.
  3. Plan, supervise and evaluate a program of systematic housekeeping, including  the supervision of cleaning staff.
  4. Plan, conduct and evaluate a program of routine maintenance of the church buildings, and equipment.
  5. Contract for the mowing of the grounds, plowing of the parking lot, and the clearing of snow from the sidewalks.

III. Transportation

  1. Make sure upkeep on vehicles is current.
  2. Manage DOT/FMCSA program.

IV. All other duties as assigned

V. Preferred experience:

1. Leading a team of people to accomplish a task.

2. Familiarity with facility management.

3. A Teachable self-starter.

4. A growing Christian faith and character.

5. A commitment to the vision, mission, and doctrinal teachings of Grace Church

 To apply, please send your resume and cover letter.