Elder nominations

Our elder board is in prayerful search to add two new elders in the coming months as two of our current elders will rotate off the board. Over the next two weeks, we will be looking for nominations from our congregation for men who fulfill the biblical qualifications of elder and are currently members of Grace Church. Below you will find the qualifications for an elder.  If you have a recommendation for a Grace Church member, please e-mail your nominations to .

1 Timothy 3:1-7 / Titus 1:5-9 / 1 Peter 5:2-3

An elder is an "overseer entrusted with God's work" [Titus 1:7].  He is a Grace Church Member who is to be a STEWARD over the people of God and the program of God.

  1.      His CHARACTER before God - The Issue of RESPECT
              * Is his walk with God visible to others?

         - Above Reproach                                     
         - Not a recent convert
         - Blameless                                               
         - Not overbearing/self-willed
         - Temperate                                               
         - Not quick tempered
         - Self-Control                                             
         - Loves what is good
         - Not addicted to much wine                 
         - Upright
         - Not Violent (gentle)                               
         - Holy
         - Not love of money                                 
         - Disciplined
         - Not for dishonest gain

2.            His CONDUCT towards others - The Issue of RELATIONSHIPS
                     * Does he have good relationships with those in his family, in the church, and in the community?

                 - Temperate
                 - Self-Control
                 - Disciplined
                 - Not addicted to much wine

                HIS WIFE
                 - One wife

                HIS CHILDREN
                 - Home Manager
                 - Children obey / Respect
                 - Children who believe and who are not wild

                 - Not Violent
                 - Not Quarrelsome
                 - Not Overbearing
                 - Not Quick Tempered
                 - Good Report
                 - Hospitable

3.             His COMPETENCY to Lead - The Issue or RESOURCES
                      * Is he able to lead the people of God by example?

                - Respectable                             
                - Sound in Doctrine
                - Hospitable                                 
                - Disciplined
                - Able to Teach                           
                - Home Manager