TechTalk with Pastor Bob (Session 1: June 7-June 28)

Pastor Bob talks and walks parents through emerging technology, how to use it within the family, and how to protect your kids from ever-changing threats to their person AND personal development.

Marriage Enrichment (Session 2: July 19-August 23)

Pastor Neil helps couples who want to take their marriage from good to GREAT! In this six week course, you'll learn something new about yourself, learn something new about your spouse, and learn something new about how to center your marriage on the Gospel.

Fascinating Stories of Forgotten Lives (Both Sessions 1 & 2)

Pastor Art helps us look back on the lives of ten characters whose names are far too easy to forget, but whose stories are far too important to keep silent. Study runs for ten weeks, but each week is its own capsule, so if you will be traveling this summer, this is the class for you!



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