Joel was a prophet sent to the sinful kingdom of Judah in order to warn them of coming judgment. Joel called the people to reject their empty acts of worship and in repentance turn back to God. If they repented they would experience restoration and receive hope for the future. We will find a similar message of restoration and hope in this short but powerful book.

Blessing and Judgement Series Blessing and Judgement

Joel 3:1-21
July 5, 2015
Pastor Art Simpson

The Day of the Lord Series The Day of the Lord

Joel 2:28-32
June 14, 2015
Pastor Art Simpson

Return To Me Series Return To Me

Joel 2:1-27
June 7, 2015
Pastor Art Simpson

A Wake Up Call Series A Wake Up Call

Joel 1:1-20
May 31, 2015
Pastor Art Simpson